Joseph E.Doherty MSW, PhD, LCSW

Ankeny House

2006 SE Ankeny Street

Portland OR 97214



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-Rev. Joe 'Jaguar Wolf' Doherty-

As a psychospiritual healer, Joe believes that in healing the body / mind / spirit, we move from an Ego-driven way of thinking to a Soul-based way of living. 
Joe uses contemplative psychology, meditation, yoga, shamanic breathwork and energy healing as paths in assisting individuals with connection to their 'core' self. It is only through connection with our core that we can know our real self: our truest wants, needs and desires. Through knowing and expressing ourselves in relationships we create healthy mutuality .

Joe offers:

  • PsychoSpiritual Healing for Individual / Couples / Family

  • Clinical Consultation and Supervision for Individuals / Licensure / Agencies / Organizations

  • Meditation Instruction / Mindfulness Training

  • Hatha Yoga Group Classes and Individual Instruction

  • Group Tantric Yoga Instruction  for Gay / Bi / Hetero Men

  • Private and Small Group Yoga Instruction, both traditional and Tantric

  • Shamanic Healing Rituals and Ceremony (including weddings / commitment ceremonies)

  • Group and Individual Shamanic Breathwork (tm)
  • Body Electric style workshops for men




  • Joe has studied and practiced meditation and yoga for over 30 years.

  • He has studied Zen, Vipasana and Tibetan lineages of Buddhist philosophy.

  • He has studied under the Shambhala lineage of Pema Chödron

  • Joe has participated in The Shamanic Breathwork™ Process with its founder, Linda Starwolf, and also with Jeff Berger, M.D. 

  • Joe has  completed a one-year (13 moons) Shamanic Healing and Initiation Process (SHIP) with Starwolf and Brad Collins of Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts   He continued his studies to become a certified Shamanic Breathwork ™  Facilitator in August 2008.

  • Joe is ordained as a Minister of Shamanic Healing Arts through Venus Rising

  • Joe is ordained as a Minister of PychoSpiritual Healing through AIWP.