Joseph E.Doherty MSW, PHD, LCSW

Ankeny House

2006 SE Ankeny Street

Portland OR 97214



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Joe is a psychotherapist with 35 years experience in the mental health field. He received his MSW in clinical psychotherapy at Smith College and was trained at McLean Hospital, a Harvard University teaching hospital. On November 28, 2010 Joe was awarded his Ph.D. in Shamanic PsychoSpiritual Studies through Venus Rising University in affiliation with the University of North Carolina. He completed and published his Doctoral Dissertation on the subject of "The Non-Dualism of Shamanic Psychotherapy"

He specializes in "Self in Connection" theory which emphasizes the connection to self and others as the primary way of forming a healthy self-identity. It is through an individual's resonance with their 'core self' that they are then able to enhance their relationships with others. Joe has participated in, and presented at, advanced trainings in Self in Connection Theory through the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute at Wellesley College.


Joe (JaguarWolf) is an Ordained Shamanic Minister in the Healing Arts Traditions bringing a deeper spiritual path to his body/mind/spirit work both for himself and in his ongoing work with clients. 

Joe is an Ordained Venus Rising Minister.  He uses energy work, breathwork, shamanic rituals and divination tools (including the Crowley Tarot Deck, The Medicine Cards and the Scared Path Cards). 

Joe is a Buddhist practitioner of over 30 years in both the mindfulness and lovingkindness (Metta) traditions.  In 1995, after studying hatha yoga off and on since the age of 21, Joe began concentrating his study and practice in the Iyengar Tradition.  In 2000, Joe was encouraged to begin teaching yoga at Northeast Yoga Center by his mentor Barbara Fergusson.  In 2003, Joe began teaching on his own, combining hatha yoga / tantra / Buddhism and mindfulness psychology.  He opened Revolved Heart Yoga Studio in 2003