Joseph E.Doherty MSW, PhD, LCSW

Ankeny House

2006 SE Ankeny Street

Portland OR 97214



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-Rev. Joe 'Jaguar Wolf' Doherty-

Clinical Supervision and Spiritual Mentorship

Joe has over 35 years experience as a clinical supervisor and is approved by the Oregon Board of Social Work for CSWA’s seeking licensure. Joe received his Doctorate Degree in Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies from Venus Rising University in 2011. He offers both individual and group meetings. He is also available to all clinicians as a consultant either for single cases or ongoing meetings. He uniquely blends his traditional knowledge of psychodynamic/developmental/relational theory with understanding of energy psychology and spiritual meaning in our lives and our client’s lives.

As a Spiritual Mentor and Guide Joe is available to use his studies of Buddhism, Shamanism and Spirituality across the board to support and guide individuals and groups following the Sacred Path that will lead them to their Highest Good and Well-Being. He is particularly trained to work with issues of Trauma and how this low vibration energy needs to be extracted so higher vibration and light can fill up the space in us created by trauma. He uses EMDR, Chakra Attunements, Energy Healing with multiple tools like crystals, singing bowls, drums, rattles etc… He is also a seasoned tarot card reader and often gains clarity from a single card or a full reading.