What people have said about Joe

Feedback for Joe as a Shamanic Group Facilitator:

  • "Joe, You were delightful to be around. You participated in both my breathworks. You brought just the right amount of male energy
  • (and physical strength) to assist me. Namaste!"
  • "Joe, thank you for your playfulness and for showing me the vulnerability of male energy."
  • "Joe, you are an amazing energy source and space holder and you are so funny." 
  • "Joe, you rock!  It's been a pleasure getting to know you and I'm grateful for your strength and ability to hold space for me." 
  • "Joe, I love your humor and spontaneity." 
  • "Joe, Your humor and groundedness is refreshing. Thank you for sharing that with me."
  • "Joe, You were Energetically powerful, maintained the integrity of the container, fun, humor and very shamanic."


"Joe's presentation was very good.  He covered a large range of topics in a short time, but it wasn't an overwhelming amount of information."  - a volunteer in a training at OHOP


Feedback for Joe as a Therapist:

"You have led me through a difficult path. When I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel you patiently led me there."

"Thank you for helping us through a year of challenges and self-discovery. It's hard for either of us to imagine a better (couples) therapist."

"You have helped me change my life. I know I could not have done it without your help. You have stayed with me through my most difficult times."

"When I didn't think things could change for the better, you never wavered in your confidence that I could change. You believed in me even when I didn't."




"What a great speaker and the information was so valuable. Joe is a knowledgeable compassionate man.  He is just what I needed. He spoke to my heart as well as my head! The information was not too advanced and even though there was a lot to absorb, I found it fascinating and never "dumbed down."  - a volunteer at a training at OHOP

Feedback for Joe as a Yoga Instructor:

"Joe is incredible in class. He works in a caring, quiet manner to help each student."

"Joe's class encouraged me to join a gym. I am so aware that my physical body and spirit must work together as I become a healthy, vibrant person."

"Thanks, Joe, for your kind encouragement; you help me realize the power of my total being."

"Thank you for letting me visit your class. I really liked the atmosphere. I liked the pacing and the gentle guiding with your voice. Thank you for a wonderful class."



"As a colleague of Joe's for almost ten years, I know that he is a highly skilled and ethical psychotherapist with a tremendous gift for healing. His authenticity, connection, and compassion in the therapeutic setting allow clients to open their heads and their hearts to the process of healing and empowering themselves." - From a Colleague: Kristin Lerohl M.S.